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I worked very closely with Olivia at both Barclays and BP when the organisations were going through tremendous change following significant events.

Olivia has a unique understanding on how to engage groups of people, lead and develop successful large scale change programs within very short timeframes. Olivia is sharp, innovative and highly skilled at developing programs of work with big impact.

Olivia designed world class leadership programs for very senior executives, led a project to measure the impact of this investment and was not deterred by any work that she was asked to undertake in any circumstance.  Olivia is unique in her ability to use her skills and experience to understand the macro and micro aspects of organisational development and apply it to the organisation. Pragmatic by nature, with a deep understanding of diversity and inclusion means Olivia has an ability to work across cultural barriers, quickly develops relationships with key stakeholders and delivers outstanding results. Above all she is an outstandingly empathetic and loyal colleague and I recommend  her unreservedly.

Mark Burton

Mark Burton. Former Managing Director, Barclays Plc.

Olivia worked for me at Barclays and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Olivia is not only a pleasure to work with she brings tremendous skill and thoughtfulness to all she takes on. Olivia, worked extremely well under pressure and has a knack for designing development and training programs. Olivia was instrumental in ensuring all 140,000 global employees attended a half day training program (that Olivia designed) to embed new values and behaviours, this work kick started the cultural transformation work that Olivia ended up leading as Group Head of Culture. Olivia set up a global faculty that delivered the organisational development initiatives to support the cultural transformation and most importantly personally worked on developing our leaders to lead the transformation.

Jon Harding

Former Managing Director, Barclays Plc